Sendly acquired by Prepaid Union

Dear reader,


We are proud to inform you that Sendly will officially be a Prepaid Union service as of April 2016. The Sendly app was acquired by Prepaid Union with the goal of expanding and improving our services to a new level.

Prepaid Union is the largest intercontinental top up service provider in the world. In 2008 we launched, a safe and easy to use web-portal to send credit to loved ones anywhere in the world. As one of the most successful businesses in online top up, we believe that our success is in the heart of our service and our vision to break down borders.

Additional payment methods

Up till now Sendly enabled you to complete transactions using either a credit card or Paypal. The new app includes 5 additional payment methods to give more uses acces to our services. Now it’s up to you how you like to pay.

25 new countries and more to come

Sendly previously supported topup’s to 93 counties worldwide. At launch the new app we extend that support to more than 38 additional countries!

New registration required

Due to the transition from Sendly to Prepaid Union as the new owner, the Sendly App has been completely redeveloped and placed within the Prepaid Union infrastructure. That’s why previous accounts belonging to Rebtel (the original owner) are no longer valid for use in the new app. However, you can easily register for a new Sendly account, this will only take a few seconds. After that you can start using our newly added features and send credit to even more countries!

We hope you are as exited about this transition as we are and we invite you to take this journey with us. So download the new app today and stay tuned for more exiting developments.


The Sendly Team